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. . .  and that is the manner in which the

books are published and the talks given on

The Book of Revelation and The Lamb !

fresh, full, rosy and cheerful . . .

The Final Message from God to The Church is to be a Blessing and not a Bother! - a  Revelation of Jesus Christ and not a Raging Argument about times and religions and hills and beasts and women and cities and . . . !!!

If your heart is stirred in these last days to know the Truth of what God is saying to you through His Holy Word ...

... please contact me :

Thelma Parker

Bâsar Blessings

11 Branders Lane


Dorset BH6 4LL


e-mail :


and let me know how I can help you broaden your understanding of the Word of God, either by recommending a particular book, or talking you through a Scriptural problem you may have.

Also, especially if you live in the Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch conurbation of Dorset (UK), why not arrange for an introductory talk on The Book of Revelation, for yourself, or your church group or fellowship.

Let me know when and where, giving a contact phone number, and you will be contacted.  

Other places in the world can also be considered  - as you will see on “The Revelation Spread Abroad ” page!!   


All Bâsar Blessings Books and Talks are based on the Scriptures of the King James Bible (KJV). Reasonably priced editions may be purchased from