Introducing The Book of Revelation Series:

Large Gold Book            

Seven foundation studies with a colour coded King James text of

the Book of Revelation and helpful explanatory notes

Small Books based on Revelation 1:2  “(John:) bare record...

Volume 1  “and of all things that he saw”                                                                   

Volume 2  “and of the testimony of Jesus Christ”                                         

Volume 3  of the word of God”                                                                                                

Other Books:

A Collection of Ten Pastoral Studies                               

Five on Revelation, Five on Psalms        

Recommended to be read after the Large Gold Book)

The Blood of Sprinkling                                                            

Pastoral studies giving meaning to Hebrews 12:24

The Church of God - Jesus Christ                                                    

1st week - How God Brought The Church Into Being

2nd week - How The Church Responds To The Cost God Bore

The Church of God in This Age                                               

Pastoral studies expounding its Power & Position

Let’s Get It Right!                                                                      

Ten Scriptural thoughts and verses posed as Questions with their

Answers from God’s Word

Understanding the Epistle to the Hebrews                       

Recorded notes from weekly church Bible Study night,

in one volume. A clear, concentrated look at Hebrews 1:1

By The Blood of Christ                                                         

Ten Meditations over one week’s Study on the Blood of Christ

Individual booklets of the ten meditations:                                                                 

Blood Shall Be The Token         The Blood of The Cross

The Covenant of Blood              Not Without Blood

Redeemed By Blood                 Made Nigh By Blood

Purchased With Blood              The Blood of Sprinkling   

Only By Shedding Blood           The Precious Blood

The Book of Revelation                                                          

The Text of the 22 Chapters in the King James Version,

colour coded with many explanatory notes, as in the

Large Gold Book, now as a separate book in A5 format.

All Bâsar Blessings books are comb-bound with sturdy attractive covers.  Prices include postage or local delivery.

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Expect to be Blessed!




BOOKS to create a firm understanding of God’s revealed Programme for the Future of All Mankind! The Holy Spirit has been sent to guide God’s children into all Truth. They are not to be persuaded by the plethora of unscriptural theories and suppositions. Those who perpetuate the superficial teaching of others are not learning from The Lamb. He alone has cleansed us by His own Blood and rose again from among the dead to make us worthy citizens of God’s Eternal Kingdom.


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The Large Gold Book

in the series

“Introducing The Book

of Revelation”

flowed from the

received teaching

over many years

on The Lamb

(the Lord Jesus Christ)

and - mainly - the

Book of Revelation.

The result of sharing

the renewed vision

with a church minister

over four years

is three small books,

Volumes 1, 2 & 3.


Book Titles and Prices

A New Addition to Bâsar Blessings Books is:



Written as a novel, it seeks to dispel the modern heresy of salvation being still available to those left behind at the Rapture - the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for His saints.

The Coming of God manifest in the flesh to save lost Mankind through His incomprehensible sufferings can only result in Damnation for both Jew and Gentile living in the Church Age who considers Him unworthy of the total commitment of their being.

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